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Sega 32x

Mega Drive 32X in Europe, also called Sega 32X in north America or Super 32X in Japan, is a peripheral launched by Sega in 1994, which offered an extension of 32 bits for the 16 bit console Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Sega had confirmed that, due to the launch of a new 32-bit Sega Saturn console, this combo would be compatible; Or failing that, the sum of Mega Drive + Sega Mega-CD + 32X would equal Sega Saturn. Yet most of the consumers decided to wait for Sega Saturn.

Many of their games were fully focused on 3d. At that time, the polygons were fashionable. The 32X was an attempt to oust the Super Nintendo from its newly-gotten first place but the Super Nintendo responded to the 32X incorporating chips in their cartridges that improved the performance of the console dramatically and also knew how to exploit their Console to the full with games like Donkey Kong Country and its two sequels; However, there were very few games that Sega developed.