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Sega sg1000

SG-1000, was the first desktop console developed by Sega. It was first launched into the market in a first phase of testing in Japan in 1981 and finally released to the Japanese market in July 1983 by ¥15,000. The console didn't get much success in that market. However, the system was sold well in Asia up to 1985. It was also marketed in Australia by John Sands, in New Zealand by Grandstand Leisure Limited, and in other countries such as Italy, Spain, and South Africa. The console in its original version never reached North America, its name is synonymous with Sega Game 1000.

In July 1984, Sega released an updated version of the console called SG-1000 II, which had a connector for an optional keyboard extension. A computer-shaped version of this console with the built-in keyboard was marketed under the name SC-3000. Ironically, the SC-3000 would end up selling more than SG-1000.

The Sega Mark III, an even newer version released in Japan with improved video hardware and a greater amount of RAM, would be redesigned to become the Sega Master System.

The Original Tsukada video game maker made the Othello Multivision, a clone of the SG-1000. Bit Corporation's Colecovision clone was taken to North America by a company called Telegames. Telegames called this clone telegames Personal Arcade, and with it you could play games of Colecovision and SG-1000.