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Playstation 2

In April 1999, the first news about the successor of the PlayStation was met, shortly after the launch of the Dreamcast. In 2000 came news of the first videogame for PS2, Jak and Daxter: The legacy of the forerunners.

The official launch of PlayStation 2 was on March 4, 2000 in Japan, and on October 26th of the same year in the United States. The news came largely to the buyers, which generated a great expectation that caused the shortage of system in the stores on the day of the launch. Sony knew what was going to happen on the day of the launch of this system so it gave the possibility to sell this equipment through the ebay auction site, however the compulsive buyers did not mind paying $1000 dollars for this team through the ebay. Very few people got their console at the end of the year 2000 due to manufacturing delays. [Citation required]
Top and front of the PlayStation 2

The spectacular initial sales of the PlayStation 2 were due in large part to the success of its predecessor, the PlayStation, and the fact that it is compatible with the games of this. Only in Japan and in its first week were sold about 900.000 consoles. Later, Sony gained even more popularity by the strong titles and development of more peripherals developed by third parties.

As the video game console companies started to include online gaming on the consoles (such as Sega's Dreamcast), Sony still did not emphasize the online game until Microsoft ventured into the market for Video games with your Xbox. Sony adapted at the end of the year 2002 to compete with Microsoft with many online titles, such as SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. Sony and Nintendo as they started later, they followed a decentralized model for the online game where the responsibility fell on the developers to provide the servers. Sony tried to make the online game a bigger point of sale for the PlayStation