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Pc engine/turbografx 16

The PC Engine was a work carried out between the Japanese software creator Hudson Soft (which maintains a division for the creation of chips) and NEC. Hudson was looking for financial help for a console that they had designed and NEC was looking to get into the lucrative gaming market. The PC Engine was a very small console due mainly to an efficient three-chip architecture and HuCards, which were cartridges the size of a credit card, but somewhat wider. The PC Engine had a MOS Technology MOS 6502 processor and a 16-bit graphics processor, plus a video decoder, all designed by Hudson.

It was the first console that had the option of a CD addition allowing to obtain the improvements by using a CD-based system: more memory, cheaper costs and compatibility with network Book.

The PC Engine was extremely popular in Japan, selling more than the Famicom of Nintendo in the first bars since its launch, something quite difficult considering that between 1987 and 1993 were launched 12 consoles. One of the key factors for the PC Engine to become popular were the erotic games.

Despite the success of the system, it began to lose strength when the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in America) appeared in 1989, and later the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo in 1991, both consoles with central 16-bit processors, unlike the PC Engine whose Central processor is 8-bit, and only the video is 16-bit.

NEC made a last effort to resurrect the system by launching the Arcade Card expansion, increasing the amount of RAM to the 2048K (2m); Some games that took advantage of this were conversions of popular Neo-Geo games.

In 2006 it was confirmed the download of games of this console from the Wii of Nintendo in the system of download known as  "Virtual console " that allows to enjoy certain games released in this system