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Atari jaguar

Atari Jaguar is a video console introduced in 1993 as a range platform for the next generation (future PlayStation and Sega Saturn). It was the last console released to the market by Atari, manufactured as it is reviewed on the back of the console  "made in the U.S. to California ". It should be noted as a curiosity that only the first VCS and these last Jaguars were manufactured in the United States, the rest were manufactured in Asia (China, Taiwan, etc.)

In the beginning the Jaguar was to be launched a couple of years after the Atari Panther, but in the end the Panther did not go from the project and the Jaguar was a failure in sales, it is estimated they did not sell more than 250.000 units.

The characteristics of the machine were impressive for the time, it worked at 64 bits when the competition was still in the 16 bits. They actually got the 64 bits using 5 32-bit processors contained in two parallel-running chips and a Motorola 68000 coprocessor, a 26 GPU, 591Mhz running at 26.591 MIPS, a 64-bit data bus, and a 2mb DRAM memory.