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Amstrad cpc

Amstrad CPC it was a complete system including everything needed inside a box. Compared to the C64 or the ZX, the Amstrad CPC came with its own monitor, incorporating a tape or floppy drive inside the machine and even a small loudspeaker. This market technique gave a more professional look to the whole, focusing it in the same way as systems oriented to the company, rather than the game or more home systems.

Due to its late entry into the European 8-bit market, the market share reached by the CPC never matched the European level of that achieved by the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64. However, it was the most sold computer in France during this time and, in Spain, it had a sales number very similar to the ZX Spectrum despite belonging both to the same business group and called this Amstrad. It is considered that having invested in the Sinclair brand, Amstrad would have swept the European markets. The advantages of having a typewriter-type keyboard and an integrated tape drive managed to obtained a significant market share in the late 1980. Many of the best titles for CPC were created on the mainland but only a limited number was published in the UK.

The firmware and software were developed by Locomotive Software and the hardware design was marketed by Eym Electronics, also known as Mark-Eric Jones.