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Nintendo Gameboy

Gunpei Yokoi, a Nintendo employee, designs a portable video game console whose power is comparable to that of NES (Famicom in Japan), but whose screen is monochrome to allow low selling price and reduced battery consumption.

gameBoy comes out in France on September 28, 1990 in a package including the console, a link cable to play two, stereo headphones, four R6 batteries, to be able to play immediately, and the game Tetris, all for 590 francs (about 90 euros). The games sold separately are, at the time of launch, usually at a price of 195 francs (about 30 euros). He sells 1.4 million of Game Boy the first year in France, a record at the époque. The incredible success of this console is a series of games marketed throughout the life cycle of the console. And in the first place, the famous Tetris, created by the Soviet Alexey Pajitnov. Sold with the console, this game is again a huge success (after being marketed on micro-computers, arcade and PC terminals). It sells for more than 30 million of EXEMPLAIRES. From 1996 comes the series of Pokémon video games, franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri, whose phenomenal success, with 31,370,000 of games sold, revives the sales of the Nintendo laptop, which then reaches third place among the most Sold in history, with 118 million copies sold, behind the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS.

Despite a minimalist graphic quality, the game Boy has been able to win thanks to many advantages: small size (especially in relation to the game Gear or the Lynx), low price, great autonomy and catalog of games as rich as varied. The success of the machine will lead Nintendo to use the Game Boy brand for several of his successors, including the Game Boy Color, in 1998, and the Game Boy Advance, in 2001. Based on the same principles of simplicity and low consumption, these two consoles are compatible with the games of the original game Boy.