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Acorn Electron

The Acorn Electron was a home computer designed and marketed by Acorn Computers in 1983 as a cheap version of its BBC Micro (also known as the Proton Acorn), because the high price of these is the main problem for its expansion. More economical compatible chips are used, the graphic coprocessor is eliminated and all the support is integrated (memory, graphics, sound...) in an ULA (which causes numerous incompatibilities in the BBC games), the second processor, the ROMs sockets... Leaving everything in the hands of outer expansions. However all the BBC BASIC is available, so it is a good way for less affluent English children to continue the work/play done at school on their BBC B. Acorn begins selling as is (the initial price is 199 pounds sterling for later  Include it with several external expansions (the most popular Acorn Plus 1)